L.G. Corey brought out his collection, Kalidas Verses, last February. A second, Rats’ Alley Poems, (which takes its title from “The Wasteland” by T.S. Eliot, to whose memory the book is dedicated) will follow soon.

Corey’s work appears (or is scheduled to appear) in, California Journal of Poetics; Snapping Twig; Rogues Review Anthology (December, 2015); Red Savina Review’ Empty Sink Publishing; Poetry Pacific; FUG.UES: An Anthology of Haiku, Asemic Writing & Minimalist Poetry; Kalyna International Review; Corvus; Hot Tub Astronaut (out of Scotland); Screech Owl, and Pif: A Journal of Art & Technology. Over the years it has also appeared in such well-regarded literary magazines as, Evergreen Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Midstream, Choice, the Critic, and zeek.

Larry lives in a small mountain community, seven thousand feet above sea level in the San Bernardino Mountains of SoCal, with his two pitbulls, one black lab and three feral, indoor cats.

He turned 80 last November.


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