I – V

by Bekah Steimel


She finds strength in my stumbles
valor in the badge of bruises
I no longer endeavor to conceal
the sun must set
to rise again
sinking into the other side
as I do
she waits patiently without judgment
like the sleepy stars
for my bold return
finger painting the sky with more colors
than those well-worn bruises
that are finally beginning to fade


the object isn't to make art. it's to be in that wonderful state which make art inevitable.


When it’s the end
I’ll begin
my words will bear
the weight of death
and ripple outward
across people
across time
my face will rot away
my voice
but I will be breathing
on pages
I should have written
in blood


You drift into my dreams
from nowhere
maybe anywhere
possibly everywhere
you slip away in the same direction
I never see you approaching
and you leave no tracks
to recognize and follow
I have only moments
to translate your silent language
and decode the message
you tore through time and space
to deliver


Strangled by the hands of time
blood to bone to dust
slowly subtracted from one another
even now
we are less present
but the longer I lose you
the more I love you
making a mockery out of math
and the slow suffocation of mortality


The languishing burn
it’s not the fire that fades
only the candle, kissed by a match
I’ve had such affection
and surely do not stand as tall
as I once did
All that wanes, is wasted eternally
but the flame that eradicates
is the same light
that will illuminate my name
long after I’ve melted into nothing
but memory


BEKAH STEIMEL - [Read Full Bio] is a 34 year-old writer living in St. Louis whose poems have been published globally. Her work can be found in literary magazines such as, The Blue Hour, Mad Swirl, and Walking is Still Honest...

[Featured]Digital Art / Image Credit: J.Spahr-SummersTitled: the object isn’t to make art. it’s to be in that wonderful state which make art inevitable.


Snapping Twig – Winter – 2014

Vol: Nov 2014 thru Jan 2015

4 thoughts on “I – V

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. We agree – so many lovely words strung in this poetry. You’re own poetry, by the way, is also quite lovely, and intriguing. The haiku-style writing specifically is wonderful (just checked out your site). Thank you for visiting – glad to have been called by your own work as well…

      1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yes, I am a big fan of Japanese-style short form poetry and am beginning to experiment with combining my artwork and haiku to produce haiga.

      2. It’s beautiful! If you ever want to send your work out or gain more exposure, feel free to submit something to us. Either way, you have our support – very impressive work, and the new endeavor sounds quite creative. Enjoy it!

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