Time to Choose the Cover ART!

We need to choose the cover art for the Winter Quarter issue, which will be published and offered on Issuu, though we have not made a final decision on which platform. Because there is so much great art to choose from, we need YOU to help us decide which work should appear as the cover. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite work of art used in this issue. The options available for your vote were chosen based on the full collection of work submitted and the art which best represent the body of work, as a whole. Therefore, not all the art in this issue will be included on this poll.

Though you can still find each work on Snapping Twig, we have left the artist’s name off this poll directly, to encourage blind votes. Multiple votes by a single visitor will not be counted.

Thank you so much for supporting our contributors with your vote.

Voting is only open for one week – until Tuesday, January 13th

 Don’t forget to Vote!

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