POEM of the WEEK 2015: Appreciating Poetry

Poem of the Week (via Snapping Twig) kicks off this year, as of today. The selection process this year is based on several factors – you can read more about that here. For now, please take a minute to give the Poem of the Week a look, or a second look, and give the author some admiring literary nods. POW2015-2

The poem selected for the first POW Award of 2015 is, “Death by a Canal” by, Valentina Cano.

Now, lets talk about it… First, everything down to the way the writer formatted this poem conveys its purpose, though it was a little difficult to apply online. If you’ll notice, there is both a visual and audible (when read) balance in the way the lines are structured. How it both literally and visually flows with each word, moving down as if a body of water. The greatest characteristics of this poem, in my opinion, is how uniquely creative it is while remaining simple. A quality very much sought in contemporary poetry today.

So much invested in everything within this poem from the way it was formatted to the words, and line structure helps to convey the message of the poem, while allowing it to live perfectly as it is – resonating something profound all within its mere 11 lines, containing about 4 words each. Let’s not pretend it is at all easy to be as poignant and descriptive, as Miss Cano has achieved here, given the number of words used. Consider the imagery held in just these lines:

Fins thin as onion skin
make no dent on the grass…

It is written having achieved something we all strive for – making each word count.
The poem continues on with:

not a stalk losing its balance.
The day continues on its axle…

Reading further you get the connection, or the sense that the writer is talking about how little we even notice, first this life, which will be gone – just like that, and then there’s death but everything continues on and keeps moving anyway as if it never even happened. We are just as mortal – as forgettable as a fish drying up in the sun.

This poem is beautiful, memorable, original… lovely, and what we adore most from poetry – it gives the reader pause, offers perspective, and forces one to ponder on its message. We were fortunate to see this poem in our submissions and have it here, and it was quite loved by our readers. You can find the link to this poem below.

  • there are places I have remember all my life though some forever not for better some have gone and some remain ©2015, J Spahr-Summers Death by a Canal - Poem: "Death by a Canal" by Valentina Cano POW: week of JAN 19, 2015

Special Thanks to Valentina Cano for the beautiful poem and thanks to our readers who left their feedback and helped determine this weeks POW Award recipient. 

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