A Little Epistle

by C.C. Russell


Dear _ _ _ _ _:

How long has it been?

Funnily enough, that’s a serious question as I really don’t remember. Life moves so fast and all of that

– I’m sure you understand the platitudes.

I remember the stream that wouldn’t shut up outside of the bed and breakfast. This was in stark

contrast to our simple silences.

Basically, I wanted to say I wish you were here. Basically, it’s a load of sentimental tripe, everything in

my head tonight.

Can you imagine me saying it though? I’m sorry. Can you imagine? Do you remember my voice? The

words that formed it?


©Copyright 2015, C.C. Russell

C.C. RUSSELL - [Read Full Bio] writes from Wyoming where he lives with his wife, daughter, and two feline overlords. His words have appeared in different orders, several places on the internet, and on paper...

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