What the Day Has Done

by R.T. Castleberry


As the sun recedes,

ranges long across grassy median,

daylight’s outline sheds definition,

snarls like snapped phone lines.

A chemical musk of herbicide and fertilizer

floats the wet ground.

People draw closer to their homes,

halogen’s fierce light flaring behind falling curtains.

Men and women shed their work skins

for Indian gin, video bondage,

unease around the dinner table.


I don’t remember happiness.

I remember struggle:

tents on fire in Homestead Park,

beds without sheets, the beggar’s canto.

This is a border ward—

near the harbor, near an artist’s hostel.

Asian tailors, convenience stores, coffeehouses

fringe the nearby streets.

A cop ends his shift, furtive as a burglar.

Runner’s colors flash a track

beneath construction crane and security wire.

I enjoy the daze of my neighbors,

their possibilities blank as stretched canvas.


My bookcases are filled

with biographies of willful musicians,

anthologies of Absurdist theology,

volumes that chart the course of coincidence.

An egoist’s ephemera lays heaped on a table:

temper stick, coup stick, Monte Carlo dice.

Photos from four lovers are framed

in key corners of the house.

At my desk, a PC screensaver rolls and spirals,

a Nikon N60 sits by the scanner.

Through the upstairs windows

I can feel the light of a dingy silver moon

as it rises nightly from the mercury waves.

Summer is an empty menace.

Thunder rolls. The rain passes.


©Copyright 2015, R.T. Castleberry

R.T. CASTLEBERRY - [Read Full Bio] is an internationally published poet and social critic. He was a co-founder of the Flying Dutchman Writers Troupe, co-editor/publisher of the poetry magazine Curbside Review, an assistant editor for Lily Poetry Review and Ardent. A 2015 Pushcart Prize nominee, his work has appeared most recently in Santa Fe Literary Review, Caveat Lector, Comstock Review, Green Mountains Review, The Alembic...

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