Love After Christmas

by Harry Calhoun


She loves you again.

The prints you’ve bought

over the years still hang

like memories, calling up


lyrics and tunes

of old rock songs.

This is your first Christmas

together after the separation.


In January, the Christmas tree,

the first you bought together,

persists in the living room.

You want to keep this the same.


Keep the sure forever

in the magic of now it holds.

But something restless,

bothersome and persistent


realizes that now can only maintain

through change. You think of boxing

up that lovely artificial tree, then

put your arm around your sleeping wife,


content, old Rolling Stones songs

the music in your head.


©Copyright 2015, Harry Calhoun

HARRY CALHOUN - [Read Full Bio] is a multiple nominee for both the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net. He has been published in hundreds of poetry journals and is the author of several books and chapbooks: "Failure is Unimportant" (Flutter Press, 2013); "Maintenance and Death" (England’s Pig Ear Press, 2012) ...

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