by Sarah O’Brien


There are seven of them now. Twisting, towering time-markers choreographing shadows that stretch their limbs along the darkened walls. With them, familiar voices flicker, rising and falling in awkward accord. As if a slice of Aunt Ruby’s red velvet cake and another sip of homemade sangria could make us forget that last year, we were unsure we would see seven. Those overhead fluorescent lights penetrating tear-stained eyes as Dr. Carmine slowly shook his head, his thick eyebrows kissing one another like caterpillars. Three months, maybe four. But Drew’s dimples are highlighted in the dim glow of tradition. His grin gives way to giggles: caught red-handed, rebellion evidenced in frosting on fidgeting fingers. Hope embodied in hastily handled tokens, waxy carriers of wishes—we watch as seven symbols are silenced with a breath, before they burn out.


©Copyright 2015, Sarah A. O'Brien

SARAH O’BRIEN - [Read Full Bio] studies Creative Writing and Studio Art, with a concentration in cheap red wine. She will be an alumnus of Providence College come May 2015, although she denies this if asked. Sarah is the Managing Editor of the literary journal, The Alembic...

[Featured]Digital Art Image Credit: blood letting in the backyard by J. A. Spahr-Summers. ©Copyright 2015, Jeffrey A. Spahr-Summers

Snapping Twig – Spring – 2015

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