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Behind the Scenes

Okay, admittedly it has been a bit quiet around here, but do not be fooled by the recent silence. There in fact has been a whole lot of talk and movement taking place, and being a believer in full disclosure of the exposing kind – its time to let you in on what we’ve been up to. We’ve got some new plans in the works, a few changes to implement and some achievements to celebrate with you. Overall some really promising things coming down the line for Twig, which is not at all hush-hush either. Well, not all of it anyway. In fact, we’re getting the kind of excited that causes hangovers. Here’s the break-down.


What’s Changing?

For starters we have decided to retire the Poem of the Week but not throw it out all together. Basically everyone and their mother in the lit publishing landscape has a similar feature – everyone has a Poem of the Week and while we do enjoy embracing the excellent work of our contributors as well as praising them for the quality and strong reader response their work influences, we think this kind of praise should not be limited to just poetry and its respective poets. Even if we do adore poetry ourselves.

There have been some truly outstanding works across multiple genres worth reading here in Snapping Twig, which have been equally loved by our readers. Thus we’ve decided the opportunity to really be given some serious kudos / literary nods and extra love should be extended to all of our amazing contributors and the many different types of written work we receive. Starting this month we will choose a few writers and an artist whose work really stands out both in context and in the response received by our readers, to cherish, praise, adore, admire and feature throughout the month. We will continue this section monthly as opposed to weekly giving readers a chance to really engage in discussion about these fantastic reads.

This hopefully expands the support we give our contributors and enables more readers who equally appreciate reading them, to support and get to know them right along with us.

At times, especially in April (it being National Poetry Month, after-all) we will continue to share exceptional poetry with you from some of our friends outside and around the Web-O-Sphere including: other respected and worth-reading-literary-magazines; writer / artist blogs, and similar resources. We love supporting the rest of this creative community in their efforts, and we can’t help ourselves when we come across some truly delicious inspirations – such literary efforts make us drool…


On the Horizon

We are literally (puns aside) in the swell of the editorial and publishing tide right now as we are hard at work on the Spring Anthology. As I write this we still have a number of submissions to respond to, the cover art to choose, and so much more. It’s true we have been slammed but also incredibly moved, grateful, and anxious to release its radiance as a whole, complete, and ready to devour collection.


We want to spread our arms wide in sincere thanks to all those who have submitted their art and writing to us this period. Once again, we have been truly fortunate to receive the work we’ve had the opportunity to publish and appreciate the support by those who continue to send their submissions.


The Bucks to Survive

In case you too have been following all the recent buzz circulating around the topic of paying artists and writers for their work… We are also of the opinion that writers and artists deserve to be paid for their creative work and have been pouring a lot of time into research, non-profit business models, and finally making some use of that once awash business degree I acquired during the worst period of writers block to ever plague a writer, etc. This, just in an effort to explore the success and probability of the goal we share to eventually be able to pay contributors we publish.

In the meantime we continue to work on expanding what we can do and offer writers and artists now, which will further our purpose. We want everyone to know how much we appreciate the efforts made by writers and artists to support the existence and livelihood of literary magazines, including those which are self-sustaining, non-profit publications that cannot do much more than offer the opportunities that their self-less efforts give to those who are seeking a home for their work. We’re very aware of what the writers and artists are giving to us with their contribution, and are very grateful for your willingness to help us succeed in our purpose by submitting / reading – even while having a vast range of other publications to choose from. We absolutely encourage you when you submit your work elsewhere because we also support those other publications and celebrate their success. If you’re looking for other great literary gems to submit your work to, you might just find the perfect stomping ground in the list of Literary Magazines – we love via our Resources page.


The Line-Up for this Week

because we love to do it…

  • We’ll be sharing a few shout-outs this week to tell you about a couple of other lit pubs you should be reading and / or submitting to.


  • We’ll also be telling you about a brand new project we are in the planning stages of, which will be all about celebrating the achievements of our contributors. We will be reviewing their published books, sharing and celebrating their new releases,  doing some in-depth interviews, and offering reviewers and readers opportunities as well. We are looking forward to really getting our hands dirty to help support their work and encourage more readers.


  • A very special bonus issue is also in the planning stages right now and we will be slowly disclosing more info about that as well (this one you will want to be on watch for) It will be different, it will be unlike any other you’ve been audience to before. We can’t wait to kick this off, so stay tuned…


  • As for the Spring Anthology, we are still anticipating its release before the end of this month. While we have been publishing accepted work since late February, this anthology will be unique from the last as  several carefully selected works featured in this anthology will not be seen until the official release date.


  • For those of you who have submitted and not heard back from us yet, we are experiencing a heavy volume of submissions at this time, so we apologize for any delay in our response time. It is very important to us that each submission be given thorough review and that every submission receives a response. We will be responding to every submission awaiting our follow-up and we appreciate your patience.




Of course we’ll be continuing to post great writing and art this week which will offer some brand new writers as well as a few works by a couple of reader favorites. Please enjoy, share and leave feedback.


Come Work With Us…

We are currently seeking readers for the Summer Anthology, which we will begin reading for on the 1st of May. We are already receiving work to be considered this Summer, so if you are looking to contribute some time and have a passion to support Small Press, we would love to have your perspective.

We also need Reviewers and Bloggers from time-to-time. If interested and have an extra few hours a week to contribute to our publication, please send your inquiry to editor(at)snappingtwig(dot)com. Please include: “Staff” in the subject line when contacting us about the opportunity to work with us. We look forward to working together in our efforts to support art and the written word.

We want to congratulate the following contributors for their recent achievements


To Charles Bane Jr. on the acceptance of your forthcoming book of poetry, which will be published by Urban Farmhouse Press.

To Robin Wyatt Dunn whose recent chapbook, Be Closer for My Burn, was released in late January by Crisis Chronicle Press.


All the best and much more success, love, and gratitude is extended to these two literary-rock-star-geniuses whose work we have so enjoyed absorbing and continue to admire.

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[Featured] Digital Art Image Credit: apple of my eye by J. A. Spahr-Summers. Copyright 2015, Jeffrey A. Spahr-Summers

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