“Stillness” – “Swallow” – “Split”

 by Rachel Nix




Would it be worthwhile to

hinge on the words of

a man who waits not on

my replies, but merely for

a break in my syllables, to

break me with his stare and

turn my thoughts into

something of a simple stutter?


I think not, but he is most

recusant in allowing me the

benediction of where my

lips take the proceedings of

this hushed moment.

I have been quieted, but

stillness has yet to

find his hands.



I forget my reasons

for staying, saying

instead it’s what’s right–

wrong, again.

Again, I swallow it all:

the anger, the regret.

But it won’t stay down,

as I do. It rises,

likes the hot air you speak,

corrodes the ceiling,

takes my breath, leaves

me gasping, choking

on what you could not


The indignant,

after all, have no room

for their own mistakes.




I draw fault lines in your quake, shaking

at the symmetry in which we are divided;

you are not the world I once woke to,

and I am no more the earth

you dug into with callused hands

that craved our growth.

There is only air between us, dense

as it is, obscuring our views, waiting for

onlookers to see the mess we’ve made.


©Copyright 2015, Rachel Nix
"Split" first appeared in Issue 23, Up the Staircase Quarterly (December, 2013)
"Swallow" first appeared in Melancholy Hyperbole (February 8, 2014)

RACHEL NIX - [Read Full Bio] is a native of Northwest Alabama. She likes coffee in the morning and bourbon at night but rarely knows what time it is, otherwise. Her work has most recently appeared in Words Dance, Melancholy Hyperbole, and Bop Dead City...

[Featured]Art / Photography Image Credit: What I Can’t Wrap My Head Around by Harley Altaville. ©Copyright 2015, Harley Altaville


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