Hinckley’s Shame

by Ernest Williamson


the windows were caskets;
placating purple flares;
smoldering by a tattered King James Bible
beneath deceptively secured feet;
draped in red-brown leather sandals
atop musty parkay floors
layered with red ants;
chasing spilled heavy oozing red honey,
as garrulous mice were squealing in soprano tones
esoteric trills leaking
like liquid ragweed in zero degree temperature,
pleasant itching eyes yet cold as rime;
though I still see the White House
in memory,
it won’t change the agony of day;
unless I shut up
the windows
where my breaded works
distilled, uncooked, and cracked.


┬ęCopyright 2015, Ernest Williamson

ERNEST WILLIAMSON - has published creative work in over 550 journals. His poetry has appeared in journals such as, The Oklahoma Review and Review Americana. His artwork has appeared in journals such as, The Tulane Review and The Columbia Review. He is an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University...

[Featured]Art Image Credit: “Sieving Wheat” by Jan Price. ┬ęCopyright 2015, Jan Price.


Snapping Twig – Summer – 2015

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