Song of Elephanta Forest

by Debasis Mukhopadhyay


The dawning birds over Subarnarekha river were rising to the summer sky.

 Our empty bodies lay in bed awake to innocence. No refrain of kiss, no

rumble in flesh, no rattling silence anymore. Daybreak through the

 windowpane as the birds started calling drowning out our bare love. No

hope, just a fog of fear, and a damp world of death. Then the riot of their

cries streaked through the feathered sky to become our dreams again.


©Copyright 2015, Debasis Mukhopadhyay

DEBASIS MUKHOPADHYAY - [Read Full Bio] grew up in Calcutta, India and now lives in Montreal, Canada. He has a PhD in literary studies from Université Laval. He writes poetry in both Bengali and English. His debut collection of poetry in Bengali was published in 2005...

[Featured]Digital Art Image Credit: and it is not our part here to take thought only for a season by J.A. Spahr-Summers. ©Copyright 2015, Jeffrey A. Spahr-Summers.


Snapping Twig – Summer – 2015

Vol: May 2015 thru Jul 2015


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