Snapping Twig is a space dedicated to art, creative expression, and the writing of the authors and artist’s showcased within. The art is original, the writers are real, and the passion is why we must share it with others.

Thank you for visiting snapping twig.com. We publish all forms of poetry, prose, flash, essay, digital-media, photography, etc. by emerging and established artists and writers, everywhere. If it can be considered “art” or an expression with an artistic intention, Twig will consider the work for publication.

All content is the published copyright property of the registered owner(s)/creator(s) and/or publishing company. Please contact Twig via the Contact page for more information about any of the artists/writers, or their work. For any questions about becoming a contributor to Snapping Twig, or to submit your work to the editor, please see the submission guidelines or  visit the contact page.

We publish work digitally online, as well as produce a quarterly issue as a complete collection of the work published on Snapping Twig, four times per year. If you have any questions in regards to sharing the work published here, or other questions about copyright, or permissions, please send email to editor(at)snappingtwig(dot)com

Snapping Twig was also created to preserve the work of a young artists whose life was cut short before having the opportunity to be the artist of her dream. While alive, the work of Danielle Turiano moved and inspired creativity within all those around her. In knowing her, her existence was permeated of free thought, expression, and individuality through her natural artistic abilities. She remains to be the motivation behind the original intention of Snapping Twig, whose goal it was to help her life be always remembered.

We encourage those that know a young artist who is survived only by the art they left behind, to preserve their memory, by sustaining their work ~ They may be gone from life, but their inspiration, and voice can continue to breathe through us, and be remembered for many years. When we lost them, they also lost much more than those they loved; they lost the chances we live on having, to change, influence, and make a difference in the world.

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This Site is Dedicated to All young Artists

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      1. Thanks for finding my blog, which then led me to discover your wonderful site here! Gotta love the internet. I love connecting with like-minded people. Keep blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. By the way, I adore the photography on your blog, and will be sure to leave feedback about the content – thanks again for visiting!

      1. Thank you! I was going to submit some here but wasn’t sure if it’s artistic enough :).. If you find any picture you want, feel free to put it up here. Otherwise, I’ll try to find something to contribute to your wonderful site. Thanks again!

      2. That’s great and we love to support others in their creative pursuit – so I will happily let you know what catches my eye. It would be our pleasure to promote the work you do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!!

    1. Stephanie, thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate discovering your blog and look forward to more of your intentions as well. All the best to you in your creative journey!

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