Twig aims to be a space which tributes expression through the continued cultivation of creative exploration. We strive to nurture the movement to break barriers which limit artists and writers in their journey to their most creative potential. We work to be a place where the passion for expression thrives, and to publish work that exemplifies strong voice and expands upon existing creative intentions by being daringly honest; willing to dig beneath surface theories, beliefs and observations; explore the world through experimental language and meaning, and share in the will to support art. We hope this space will honor those who have stretched themselves for their work whether it be literary, or artistic in form. Our long-term goal is to grow into a resource which expands opportunity for those who desire to become better writers and artists while continuing to encourage and support the literary arts community, and its evolution as a whole.

In general terms, we are here with you to make art. 

And finally,

we exist to continue the message and intention encouraged by the artist who inspired this project.

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Though we currently publish in digital format, in the future we hope to move toward print versions of our publication because while we love the possibilities new technology, and the Internet continue to provide us – we support the printed word. We remain faithful readers of both digital and print volumes of work and we will remain supporters of the movement to keep the printed book alive. Please support the printed word. Read more books.

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