the color of summer


Digital Art Image Credit: color of summer by J.A. Spahr-Summers.
Copyright 2015, Jeffrey A. Spahr-Summers.


Snapping Twig – Summer – 2015

Vol: May 2015 thru Jul 2015

Introducing: The Artist Debra Bretton Robinson

A Whole New World

There is something so striking about an artist’s relationship with color. I’ve mentioned it before with other artists we’ve featured because art enables us this amazing ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and with that we receive the gift of even seeing things for the first time, things we hadn’t ever noticed before. At times a whole new world potentially opens up for those who can appreciate what art that enables this possibility creates for us, and it is such an inspiration – one that we may take for granted from time to time.

I imagine though that the work of artist, Debra Bretton Robinson, a fine artist and contemporary landscape painter, has a special reputation for gifting such a remarkable invitation – to see the world that while lived in from day-to-day may become common to those living inside it, offers those a chance to see that space in an entirely new and brilliant way. One that is thriving with color and soft echoes; one that speaks both lively and with a subtle gentleness of all the things that go unseen. Rather poetic if I do say so myself.

The Depth of Art

This artist’s work has both the innocent lines and prominent color of something fresh and young. At the same time there is something quite sentimental, even deeply emotional about the lines and colors used in her work. Certainly while observing this special relationship Debra Bretton Robinson entertains with the application of these characteristics, makes clear – she is in love with color, blues especially, or I might yet more confidently suggest that blues are in love with her.

Color, sentiment, realism flirting with the playful anecdotes of abstract modernism, her artwork is an original fusion of a very, even intimate love affair obvious in her work as one can easily observe the beautiful skill of this artist and where it meets her own special connection with place. Since much of her work depicts the places and special attributes of both home and where she has visited, there is a beautiful explanation for the sentimental serenity apparent in her work, which I both love and admire.

An Unexpected Gift

We are fortunate to have recently been introduced to Debra Bretton Robinson, and viewed this gifted artist’s collection as well as been given the opportunity to use some of her art with the collection of published work for the Spring issue of Twig. Her generous contribution of work is not only a thrilling opportunity for us given we have a great need and desire to publish and support artwork in addition to the written works we publish, but her support of our publication has already offered so much more…

Having had a chance to peruse the exceptional collection the artist sent to us, we also had the opportunity to see some of the different mediums she uses for her other creative works of art. One art form we fell in love with, her collages, was a special treat for us as we were immediately impressed with the materials used in these pieces, making them original both in form and in context. Debra uses a wide range of original materials to create these whimsical pieces, as opposed to using pre-made art or existing images as the building blocks for the collage, as many collage artists have been known to do. Each piece of her collage art is thus uniquely her own, and offers the art lover a variety of texture, color, and individuality we were not just impressed with, but ultimately we were left wholly inspired by.

(Lucky Us…)

Please take a moment to appreciate the vivid and exceptional work of Debra Bretton Robinson, an artist whose work will present itself as the feature art for several of the written works we’ll be publishing in this next issue.


All Art Featured is Property of the Artist ©Copyright 2015, Debra Bretton Robinson

DEBRA BRETTON ROBINSON - [Read Full Bio] is a fine artist and contemporary landscape painter residing in Chelmsford, MA and a participant in the vibrant Lowell, MA art scene. Having grown up in Plaistow, NH she has been inspired by the New England landscapes surrounding her throughout her life. She received her BA in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston. Her acrylic paintings on canvas concentrate on places she encounters in her daily life or places she frequents...

Time to Choose the Cover ART!

We need to choose the cover art for the Winter Quarter issue, which will be published and offered on Issuu, though we have not made a final decision on which platform. Because there is so much great art to choose from, we need YOU to help us decide which work should appear as the cover. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite work of art used in this issue. The options available for your vote were chosen based on the full collection of work submitted and the art which best represent the body of work, as a whole. Therefore, not all the art in this issue will be included on this poll. Continue reading

10 below zero

Digital Art / Image Credit: 10 below zero by J. Spahr-Summers, ©2014 

The Teaser…

Winter Issue Teaser
Charles Bane Jr.; Valentina Cano; Corey Mesler; Ted Morrissey; Alan Swyer; Erin Vance; Seth Jani; Mitchell Grabois… and many others /   Art & Photography Credits: J. Spahr-Summers and Kyle Hemmings

no winter lasts forever

by J. Spahr-Summers-20141228-194656.jpg
Digital Art by J. Spahr-Summers, © Copyright, 2014


they say its your birthday

by J. Spahr-Summers-20141224-211031.jpg
Digital Art Image Credit: they say it’s your birthday by J. Spahr-Summers, 2014