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Time to Choose the Cover ART!

We need to choose the cover art for the Winter Quarter issue, which will be published and offered on Issuu, though we have not made a final decision on which platform. Because there is so much great art to choose from, we need YOU to help us decide which work should appear as the cover. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite work of art used in this issue. The options available for your vote were chosen based on the full collection of work submitted and the art which best represent the body of work, as a whole. Therefore, not all the art in this issue will be included on this poll. Continue reading

The Teaser…

Winter Issue Teaser
Charles Bane Jr.; Valentina Cano; Corey Mesler; Ted Morrissey; Alan Swyer; Erin Vance; Seth Jani; Mitchell Grabois… and many others /   Art & Photography Credits: J. Spahr-Summers and Kyle Hemmings

Poem of the Week: “One Street Over” via Tipsy Lit


Since we’ve been so busy with submissions, we took a few weeks off from posting the Poem of the Week  – so busy I wasn’t sure we’d get to it this week either. Then last night, I came across a poem published (Nov. 2014) in Tipsy Lit that I basically wanted to hang next to my bed so I would never have to stop absorbing its potent lines. I totally love this poem…

The poem, One Street Over, is the kind of poem that you never forget after one read. Of course, I never read anything just once but I know this one stuck to my bones after the first. That said, without further delay please get your readers over to Tipsy Lit and take a look at the, Poem of the Week: One Street Over by, Nicole Marie.

In order to respect the rights of the author / publisher, we will not be re-posting this weeks selected poem on Snapping Twig, but encourage our readers to visit Tipsy Lit and let them know what you think of this weeks, Poem of the Week.

Special Thanks to the author and to Tipsy Lit: for being a unique and loving resource for rock-star writers.

Poem of the Week: “Some of Us Are Looking At The Stars” by Ashley Bovan


If I think of all the poets I know who I can say I look up to – honestly (and I mean those that are among the living) one of the first that comes to mind is, Ashley Bovan. I don’t know how many readers visit his blog, but anyone in love with poetry or devoted at all to the written word should be reading what always seems to spill from Bovan’s pen like water from a faucet. By that I mean his yield has always astonished me. I’m not sure the man has a day where a poem doesn’t come out of him. But it’s not just that he might have ten poems in him a day, it’s that he has ten good poems or more, and I learn something from every one of them.

Specifically, I am in awe with the simple yet poignant way he can form his verse – with very few words at times, but while managing to capture not just the essence of something, but the guts of what he writes about. What he writes makes me fathom the life he must have lived because of the details, the matter of moments that to me could only come from so many memories and someone who has absorbed every facet of his experiences – to the point where you can really get into one of his poems as if you lived it with him. Sometimes touching metaphor, and I mean exquisitely; other times leaving it up to the simplicity of what is, or was to send his message. And every time it is enough. I read his poetry, and it is literally like reliving a memory. He shares this vast sense of having lived every moment beautifully  – presently. That is why this weeks poem of the week is, Some of Us are Looking at the Stars, by Ashley Bovan.

To respect the rights of the author we will not republish the poem here, but encourage readers to visit the author’s blog and see why we chose it for this weeks, Poem of the Week. Thank you to Ashley Bovan for the love we have for his work.

Poem of the Week: “Traveling Carnival” via Eunoia Review


Our pick for Poem of the Week is, Traveling Carnival by, Aden Thomas. This poem, which recently appeared on Eunoia Review, set my heart on fire. I fell in love with the imagery, and the vibrations of memory it left me as if I had just woke up and found my bed empty beside me, absent of a lover who I would never see again and who left only the sweet smell of their skin on my sheets to hold onto. After reading this poem, I found other work there by Aden Thomas who I have to say, is one of my favorites published in Eunoia, although we have always enjoyed several of the works and authors published there. If you haven’t found them we definitely suggest visiting the publication and taking a look at the potent works Eunoia Review publishes. To respect the rights of the author and publisher, Snapping Twig has chosen not to reblog this poem here, but encourages readers to visit Eunoia Review and check out this weeks Poem of the Week: Traveling Carnival.

Special thanks goes out to Aden Thomas and Eunoia Review for this exquisitely worded poem and others we have enjoyed reading.

You can also find the link to Eunoia Review on our resources page, a place for literary magazines we love.

Poem of the Week: “50 Suns on a Flag” via Boston Poetry Magazine


This week we’ve chosen a poem published in Boston Poetry Magazine, another of our favorites to visit and read often. The poem, 50 Suns on a Flag, by Jeremiah Walton is one we found perusing the treasures via Boston Poetry and one we instantly fell in love with. Much of the poetry we have read from the Magazine is what we call raw while good enough to eat, and that is just how I would describe this poem with its honest yet courageous and simply beautiful use of metaphor. I felt held captive by the sense the poet gave the piece, full-disclosure while managing to send the message intended using descriptive language without ever over-doing it. Impressive…

In order to respect the rights of both Boston Poetry Magazine and the author, rather than reblog the poem here on Snapping Twig, we’d like to encourage you to visit the magazine yourself and share your thoughts on this weeks Poem of the Week: 50 Suns on a Flag. Thank you to Boston Poetry Magazine and to the author, Jeremiah Walton, for another inspiring selection of poetry.