Contemporary Nostalgia: Photography by Kyle Hemmings

Photography / Image Credit: Kyle Hemmings, 2014

When we were recently introduced to the world through the lens of photographer / artist, Kyle Hemmings, we saw more than the content inside the urban-feel of his photography. What really sparked our interest is his very unique perspective: sharing his individual talent for discerning the importance of shape, as you can see by noting the position and angle of the objects that portray the subject of his photography. Having a special love and personal draw to the past, we admire his ability to capture a nostalgic presence and see iconic symbols of yesterday in the modern world of today. He very uniquely conveys a bit of pop art culture in his upbeat photography. Check out the gallery of his work below – if you are as in love with his work as we are, be sure to share this post with your fellow art / photography lovers.

A special thanks to Kyle Hemmings for submitting his photography and giving us just the right dose of nostalgia – we almost hurt ourselves doing a happy dance when we received his submission… (weird but true)



Photography / Image Credit: Photography by Kyle Hemmings, Copyright, 2014

KYLE HEMMINGS - [Read Full Bio] has artwork in The Stray Branch, Euphenism, Uppagas, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Black Market Lit, <em.Red Bird Press, and recent work in Convergence...


Snapping Twig – Winter – 2014

Vol: Nov 2014 thru Jan 2015

There’s Something so Brilliant About the Way You Kiss The Leaves…


Photography / Image Credit: NET, 2014


Because It Was Like Any Other Day – Until You Gave Me The Sky

photo (6)

Photography / Image Credit (1): NET, 2014

photo 2 (2)

Photography / Image Credit (2): NET, 2014

How Do I Remember You?

Like that calm silver echo once the storm

has come and gone

– quietly.

Without regret…

photo 5

Poem / Photography Image Credit: by NET, 2014