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Welcome Writers & Artists…

Thank you for your interest in contributing your work to Snapping Twig. We accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. We read year-round. Currently, we are only publishing in digital format though print versions may become available at a later time, and / or limited pre-order copies may be offered to our contributors.

Please send submissions of written work with a short Bio as an attachment or pasted in the body of an email to: editor at snappingtwig dot com 

Please send visual art submission with a short Bio to: artdirector at snappingtwig dot com

In the future, we will be integrating a service such as Submittable in our submission process. However, at present submissions via email is the most secure option for digital submissions. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we do not accept snail mail submissions. There are no restrictions to the number of works which may be included in a single submission. Send as many or as few pieces as you’d like us to consider.


Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Spring Quarter Anthology. As submissions are reviewed year-round, all work that is not reviewed for the current publication period will be considered for the following. Please continue to submit your work and thank you for contributing.


What We Publish

Poetry, short-fiction, flash, rambles, letters, spoken-word, prose, excerpts, poetic-rants, tributes, creative non-fiction, articles, and nearly genius ideas – TO – photography, art (and all its many forms), film shorts, and / or other art media. What the creator considers their art, we will consider publishing. Our most important purpose is encouraging creative expression and cultivating a space for it to thrive. Therefore, we are open to all genres, forms. subjects, themes, style, etc. from both emerging and established writers / artists.

Previously Published:

We will accept previously published work with the proper acknowledgement. Please include the name / issue / date and publisher where the work originally appeared. The publishing rights must have reverted back to the author and we must  be provided the info needed to include an acknowledgement in order to republish the work.

Simultaneous Submissions:

We accept simultaneous submissions given we are notified if the work becomes ineligible due to publication elsewhere. Please promptly send email to the editor (editor at snappingtwig dot com) if any work you have submitted to Twig is accepted elsewhere,  and no longer available to be considered for publication.

  • We only accept work from the original author – please, no solicitations.
  • Quotes, articles, reviews, and suggested reading are also considered with proper citations.

*We are always-always-always in need of more art / photography submissions* (you can help just by spreading the word)


What we really want

 (…to be moved)

For the most part, we are still human and thus do have our own human preferences. That said, one of our biggest reasons for being somewhat less specific about what we want is because we don’t want contributors to think about what we want when they create. It would defeat the purpose of what we are all about if we asked you to do that.

We appreciate work that is strong in its message or reflection. We tend to find work that is human, raw, and bares all (honest voice) makes us dance. We appreciate work that is fearless meaning the writer / artist feels free to experiment and play with both form and style. We love work that makes us think or provokes us to ponder awhile after we’ve read it. And anything that invites lovely sounds, words, and meaning to resonate (we pay attention to word choice) will bring us to our knees – seriously…

We just want to feel, see, and breathe your passion when we experience your work.


Response Time

Revolving circulation allows us a quick response time for submissions. Our average response time is approximately one to two weeks and up to two weeks from the receipt date of our acceptance response email, for your work to appear on our site. Periodically we do face periods of an overwhelming number of submissions, which may delay our response despite our best efforts. If you have not received a reply from us, please be as patient as possible. We strongly believe in responding to every submission we receive. During high volume submission periods, please wait at least one month before inquiring about your submission – we know it’s hard, but we appreciate your patience and have every intention of responding. 


Author Rights

By submitting to Snapping Twig, you grant it permission to publish your work with non-exclusive one-time electronic publishing rights. Rights revert back to the author once the work appears on Snapping Twig. Please note that we also reserve the right to offer a quarterly release (‘Anthology’ Rights) of the work published in digital format, as well as maintain an archive (‘Archival Rights’). We may also offer additional formats of this publication in the future, though contributors will be notified and permissions sought should additional formats go into circulation. Please notify the editor if for some reason your work must be omitted from our archives, or future versions (print, digital, or downloadable) where your work has appeared in Snapping Twig.



All Submissions – please be advised…

  • We do not accept any work that has been plagiarized, and yes, we do check – often.
  • When submitting an article, you the author, are responsible for including legitimate citations.
  • At this time we are not a paying market – we wish we could give our contributors payment for their accepted work, but since we are a volunteer based operation, we have no monetary earnings for our devotion to creative expression. But what we do give in the form of huge support, endless encouragement, admiration, and publication is given with everything we are. We also have an endless supply of virtual hugs…
  • In the future we may support or host writing contests and / or other opportunities, which could offer a monetary reward. Stay in touch with us by subscribing to hear about anything coming down the line.


Once again contributors are advised to only submit work which you are the original author and not on behalf of someone.

The only exception to this is when submitting a nomination to nominate a featured artist. Unique guidelines apply to that specific project – please follow the link to learn more.

*For all other submission types, the above guidelines will always apply.*


Other Notes

  • Please note that accepted submissions of art and photography may be used to advertise / promote the issue where it is to be published, with credit extended to the artist.
  • All art submissions received are also eligible for the cover unless otherwise notified by the artist that they do not wish their work to be considered in the cover selection process.
  • One final note about the Art: We try to include artwork to feature each written work published on Snapping Twig from an artist submission. We also try to have at least 3 artists within a quarterly cycle, though, it isn’t always possible.

*As a general rule, we do not necessarily choose art which somehow represents the theme, subject, or other relationship to the writing. This is because we feel that each work should be allowed to stand on its own, as opposed to be a representation of the other.*

While other publications may attempt to match the subject matter of the art with that of the writing, we rather feel that the meaning of each is subject to the author / writer as well as the interpretation of the reader, and thus not for us to claim. If you receive an acceptance response to publish your work from the editor(s) at Snapping Twig, please notify us if you do not wish to have artwork selected to be published with your work. Otherwise, we will assume to have the option of selecting a work of art to accompany your writing, and that we may do so without bias.

For information about Poem of the Week, please visit POW


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Still have more questions about Submissions?

If you didn’t find what you needed here, please send email to editor(at)snappingtwig(dot)com. We appreciate your feedback.