Once Upon A Time, We Were Tumblr Fumblers…

In an effort to spread the amazingness of our phenomenal writers and artists, as well as inform people about us – we try to get around, which is why we’ve had a spot on Tumblr but we rarely used it. We were so lost over there and well, it was pretty obvious. We spent some time getting more familiar recently and so just revamped our Tumblr blog from lost-and-confused to well, we have not mastered the art of tumblr-geekery but it’s better anyway.

And of course you’re invited to check it out


P.S. A lot of new work going up on Snapping Twig this week
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I Have a Crush on This Literary Journal…

Unbroken A Journal of Prose

We love R. L. Black, founder of Unbroken, a journal devoted to prose and our new lit-pub-crush! First, what a genius(!) considering she couldn’t be more right about prose being somewhat less appreciated, but if anyone has been neglecting prose as a reader, writer, or literary darling – you won’t be after you read Unbroken. It’s just freaking lovely – a beauty of an inaugural issue, which has just been released with work by several sweet poets we also know, as well as a good dose of clean, stellar photography.

What a fine job  – so fine in fact that we made a special place for it and felt inspired to give prose its very own space on our list of Lit Magazines We Love (our resources page). Even if Unbroken remains all by itself there, it just makes sense. We are so impressed with the intention, and the quality prose gracing its pages that we thought you’d want to stop by and take a look yourself. I think you will agree – once you do please support the effort invested in such a great publication, and of course, enjoy the read.

P.S. You know what I am going to say…  Read those submission guidelines before you send in your own work.

(yup, see you were right)

Literary Peeps, Rockstars & Art Lovers!

Dear Friends,
Twig is now on Facebook and we’d sure feel the LOVE if we saw you there too. Published work will update to our new page so come on over and say, hello 

We’ll be there supporting our contributors, sharing some words, some art, and everything in between! Hope to see you there…


Get Reading: Mud Season Review Issue 4 is out!

Lit & Art Lovers – do feast your eyes on this…

((( Lots of treats in this sweet read: Issue 4 of Mud Season Review )))


Check out Issue 7…

What can I say about Sundog Lit?? Well… if you asked them they would probably have a lot to say about the awesome writing, their contributors, or they might point you to the About page on their website (a poem in itself) but the important thing is that they would be giving you the straight-up truth. What you probably don’t know is not only is the writing unforgettable – the personality behind this publication is magic: just hugely nice people with so much enthusiasm, and yes, it is pretty addicting…  But it’s also completely genuine. That’s why this lit magazine stands out to me, because what better way is there to be a source of encouragement to other writers ? And about the writing – Sundog Lit is described as “literature that rages” and it does –

Like a forest fire…

Like a great and catastrophic love…

Sundog Lit Issue 7 is alive-live-and breathing… check it’.

Issue 7 - Sundog Lit / Property of Sundog Lit

 Cover Image Property of Sundog Lit.  We do not own this image.

Poem of the Week: “One Street Over” via Tipsy Lit


Since we’ve been so busy with submissions, we took a few weeks off from posting the Poem of the Week  – so busy I wasn’t sure we’d get to it this week either. Then last night, I came across a poem published (Nov. 2014) in Tipsy Lit that I basically wanted to hang next to my bed so I would never have to stop absorbing its potent lines. I totally love this poem…

The poem, One Street Over, is the kind of poem that you never forget after one read. Of course, I never read anything just once but I know this one stuck to my bones after the first. That said, without further delay please get your readers over to Tipsy Lit and take a look at the, Poem of the Week: One Street Over by, Nicole Marie.

In order to respect the rights of the author / publisher, we will not be re-posting this weeks selected poem on Snapping Twig, but encourage our readers to visit Tipsy Lit and let them know what you think of this weeks, Poem of the Week.

Special Thanks to the author and to Tipsy Lit: for being a unique and loving resource for rock-star writers.

Do You Free-Write?

A recent article published by Every Writer’s Resource on the benefits of free-writing is worth checking out. The write-up includes some helpful tips and uses for writers that offer some really good ideas for getting started. If you don’t do it, this read may cause you to reconsider what it can do to help stir up your own untapped creative sources.

By the way, hopefully you are already subscribed to EWR and if you are a writer who isn’t, you’ll want to check out their expanding database of literary magazines and book publishers. Just another killer resource to put in your back pocket…

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