In Paris

Digital Art by J. Spahr-Summers

by Charles Bane Jr.


©Copyright 2014, Charles Bane Jr.

CHARLES BANE JR. - [Read Full Bio] is the american author of "The Chapbook" (Curbisde Splendor, 2011) and "Love Poems" (Kelsay Books, 2014). The Huffington Post has described his work as, "Not standing on the shoulders of giants, but shrinking them." ...


[Featured]Digital Art Image Credit: it is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind J. Spahr-Summers,©2014


Snapping Twig – Winter – 2014

Vol: Nov 2014 thru Jan 2015

Music That Moves US

Song Pick #1: In Our Blood, by Horse Feathers

Sometimes music inspires me when I need a little perspective and / or deeper thought in order to start writing more creatively. My brain can get to this point where it feels over-worked, like I just can’t get in the right frame of mind to start writing. That said, I am going to share a song that I recently came across by accident, which helped me get my head back into that space.

If you like the song or this type of music, it is important I think to listen to the words and think about what the song means. Everybody is different so if this song doesn’t leave you with the same impression it left me, perhaps give it a try with another song that better fits your interest. Sometimes we get into music because it gives us energy: we dance, love the singer’s voice, or simply feel energized by it – we love the rhythm, the music itself, but there is more to a song than that.

Why not try really listening to the lyrics of a song you already know and like – do you really know what the song is about?

This is what pushed my head back into that deeper thinking space, which kicked off a lead-in to  a week of consistent writing. All I needed was something that would encourage that deeper / new perspective, and help me back into a more creative space.

Do you have a song or album you like to put on to help you get ready to write? Feel free to share them with us.
Featured Image Credit: Album Cover for "Words Are Dead" / Lucky Madison Label; 
Video Credit: calebdean2476
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Maya Angelou: (Director’s Cut) by, Ben Hughes

Cole Haan “Maya Angelou (Director’s Cut)” from Ben Hughes on Vimeo.

Role: Writer & Director
Client: Cole Haan
 Director of Photography: Matthew J. Santo / The Skouras Agency
 Stylist: Tiina Laakkonen / Streeters
 Hair: Didier Malige / Art Partner
 Make-Up: Tatyana Makarova / Walter Schupfer
 Prop Stylist: Gerard Santos / The Magnet Agency
 Editor: Mike Sobo
 Colorist: Stuart Wheeler / Smoke & Mirrors
 Mixer: Jonathan Schenke
 Line Producer: Melody Roscher
 Post Producer: Adam Lytle / Greencard
 Executive Producer: Emily Wiedemann / Greencard

Poetry & Film Love

If you are one of the more “current” creatives motivated by words with a pension for film, you may already love the collaboration of the two mediums as a creative and modern way to get your poetry heard. You may have even dabbled in it yourself as many writers, organizations, and presses have done – embracing our digitally motivated readers out there by encouraging them to appreciate poetry more. That is just what they are doing at MotionPoems where film makers are producing short films and digital art in collaboration with a poem / poet. Poets featured in some of the already produced films may include a favorite of yours – how about Jane Hirshfield or Bob Hicok? 

MotionPoems will be hosting an event this week for their world premier of season 5, along with poet Todd Boss. Those who attend the event will have a chance to meet the film makers.

Watch the trailer to learn more about the premiere, or visit their website to view the collection of motion poems.


TRAILER: Motionpoems 2014 Premiere at the Walker Art Center from Motionpoems on Vimeo.